Incorporated with an initial installed capacity of 10000 MTPA


Increases the production capacity to 40000 MTPA withSet up OneNew Boiler and One turbine 0.75 MW to meet power requirements of the plant.


Kunal Calcium Private Limited converted into Public Limited Company.


Increase the production capacity to 50000 MTPA


Increase the production capacity to 60000 MTPA


Incorporating a new facility for manufacturing “Grounded Calcium Carbonate” with Setup of Two Rolling Mills with an initial production capacity of 25000 MTPA


Increases the production capacity of Precipitated Calcium Carbonate to 75000 MTPA withSet up One New Boiler and One turbine 2.00 MW to meet power requirements of the plant. Also 36 Roller Mills have been commissioned, being first time in India, for enhancing GCC Production Capacity to 75000 MTPA. Machinery for Coated Grounded Calcium Carbonate have also been installed with in the premises which will further enhance Production Capacity.

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